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PropertyOfZack Playlist : : Mixtapes, MTS, KOL Records


The next Playlist in our ongoing series features our friends in Mixtapes, Mightier Than Sword Records, and Kind Of Like Records. We’re big fans of the band and both labels at PropertyOfZack, so we thought it’d be great to match them together. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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Polar Bear Club - Pawner
Make Do And Mend - Winter Wasteland *Song is currently not on Spotify
Lemuria - Pants
Broadway Calls - Save Our Ship
Tigers Jaw - I Saw Water
The Menzingers - My Friend Chris
Algernon Cadwallader - Chewed Up And Spit Out In A Bowl *Song is currently not on Spotify
The Ataris - Bad Case Of Broken Heart

During the winter months, Brooklyn becomes this desolate place after dark. It’s the only time of year that no one’s on the streets. Sometimes it gets a little eerie not having anyone around, but, at the same time, it’s sorta comforting to finally be alone. In the summer, it’s so crowded here, you can’t breathe, but the winter weather allows you the room you need. Here’s a playlist of the songs I listen to on those late walks home, or the early morning walks to clear my head. - Lisa Garelick

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Hidden Hospitals - Controlled Chaos
Samiam - 80 West
La Dispute - Harder Harmonies
Small Brown Bike - In Need Of Everything
All Teeth - Caller ID *Song is currently not on Spotify
Maker - Earthquakes
Touche Amore - Method Act
Into It. Over It - Midnight: Carroll Street
Diamond - Fix Of Mine
A Loss For Words - The Lost Cause I Used To Be”

- RJ Crowder-Schaefer

(Click on image to listen in Spotify)
Joe Christmas - Scrabble Girl
This is a perfect song I think to start off a mixtape. It only has about 4 lines and is 5 minutes of awesome and catchy guitar work and it all makes the lyrics that are there count so much more. The lyrics are “there’s something rad about the exciting and the new, there’s something rad about getting to know you, you don’t need a reason it’s always in season, to stay out all night long, rocking to the same old songs, and staying up til night turns into dawn” and it’s perfectly done.
The Benjamins - Wonderful
It’s funny because I never got into alot of the Drive Thru bands like everyone else minus a few (Home Grown and Allister, shouts out to Eric, although later Home Grown sucked). And also The Benjamins, who never got any of the credit they deserved. To my knowledge this song was from the only album they ever made and it’s such a great album and this song is a high point. It’s just nerdy sounding indie rock with an almost Weezer type vibe with great lyrics and melodies, download this stuff.

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